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    Born in 1994 in Russia

    Resides and works in Asia

    Mediums: painting / photo / video art / sculpture/ illustration

    Education / training:

    2023-2023: NEURAL NETWORKS IN ART, a set of individual courses on various technologies, Dubai, UAE

    2023-2023: CERAMICS, an individual course by Eve Suh, Private Art Residence, Seoul, Korea

    2021-2022: VISUAL ARTS, Foundation Year Program, The Florence Classical Arts Academy, Florence, Italy

    2013-2016: ADVERTISING AND PR, Synergy University, Moscow, Russia

    2010-2013: BOOK DESIGN, State College of Book Business and Information Technology, Saratov, Russia

    Selected solo exhibitions:


    2021 COMPREHENDED BY FANTASY, The Social Hub, Florence, Italy

    2021 SPINNING IN MIRRORS, Palazzo Imperatore, Palermo, Italy

    2020 TRANSFORMATIONS, Vanilla Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

    2017 SHEIDLIN UNIVERSE, Museum of Contemporary Art 'Artmusa', Saint Petersburg, Russia

    Selected group exhibitions:

    2023 REALLY~DREAMY~GROOVY, Joyman Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

    2022 TON NFT EXHIBITION, Art in Space, Dubai, UAE

    2022 WOMEN & NFTS, International NFT Exhibition during the Venice Art Biennale, Venice, Italy

    2022 TRANSFORMATIONS, Unit London Gallery, London, UK

    2021 CHRISTMASSY, Dorothy Circus Gallery, London, UK

    2021 FIRST NFT EXHIBITION, Superchief Gallery NFT, New York City, USA

    2020 MINIATURE, Beinart Gallery Melbourne, Australia

    2019 WHAT HAPPENS IN THE ROOM WHILE NO ONE SEES, Hydragea Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

    Selected art fairs:

    2023 FOCUS ART FAIR, London, UK. Represented by Satori Me

    2023 FOCUS ART FAIR, New York City, USA. Represented by Ton Diamonds

    2023 ART FAIR TOKYO, Tokyo, Japan. Represented by FAT Collection 

    2022 MANGO ART FESTIVAL, Bangkok, Thailand. Represented by Circus Gallery

    2022 FOCUS ART FAIR, Paris, France. Represented by Ton Diamonds

    2021 RUSSIAN ART WEEK, Moscow, Russia. Represented by Unit London

    2021 ARTLIFE FEST, Moscow, Russia. Selected by the exhibition’s organizing committee 

    2021 FOCUS ART FAIR, London, UK. Selected by the exhibition’s organizing committee

    2020 FOCUS ART FAIR, Paris, France. Selected by the exhibition’s organizing committee

    Professional awards & contributions:

    2023 JURY, Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize 2023, Sydney, Australia

    2021 JURY, Adobe Russia Reimagined, Moscow, Russia

    2022 WINNER, World Influencers and Bloggers Award, WIBA Academy LLP, Cannes, France

    2021 PUBLIC SPEAKER, OFFF Moscow Festival, Moscow, Russia

    Selected commercial photo / video works:

    2021 BACARDI: Berry Smoothie

    2021 XIAOMI: The Making of Fantasy

    2021 GUCCI BEAUTY: Which day of the week are you?

    2020 SWATCH: Weave from the imagination

    2019 BMW: Snowman in A Car Trunk

    2019 MONCLER: Flying with magic balloons

    2018 APPLE: Flamingo Children

    2017 NIKE: Oriental Calendar                                                                                                       

    Selected press:

    BEAUX ARTS MAGAZINE: “L’éclosion numérique du ‘Baiser’ de Klimt” by Camille Bois-Martin, published

    on 29 April, 2022: https://www.beauxarts.com/vu/leclosion-numerique-du-baiser-de-klimt

    SUPERRARE MAGAZINE: “Sheidlina was born on the Internet and has been reincarnated as a surrealist NFT” by A. Moret, published on 11 November, 2021: https://superrare.com/magazine/2021/11/11/sheidlina-was-born-on-the-internet-and-has-been-reincarnated-as-a-surrealist-nft

    NUMERO TOKYO: “Naomi Watanabe also praises it! Ellen Sheidlin’s debut collection of works” 

    by Akiko Kinoshita, published on 15 October, 2020: https://numero.jp/news-20201015-ellen-sheidlin

    BEAUTIFUL BIZARRE MAGAZINE: “Sheidlina Takes Over Beautiful Bizarre” by Jennifer Gori, 

    published on 06 April, 2020: https://beautifulbizarre.net/2020/04/06/sheidlina-takes-over-beautiful-bizarre


    ELLEN SHEIDLIN CRYPTO ART MONOGRAPH by Andrea Concas, Alfredo Cramerotti, 

    Auronda Scalera, Alessia Cuccu. Publisher: The NFT Magazine, 2023, Cagliari, Italy

    ELLEN IN SHEIDLINLAND by Ellen Sheidlin. Publisher: Seigensha Art Publishing, Inc, 2020, Tokyo, Japan

  • Materialisation of sensual ideas

    Dubai, Art in space, 11.11.2022-25.11.2022

    The exhibition presents the artist’s foray into the digital realm, showcasing a series of animated elements that come to life as whimsical, eight-minute cartoons. Each piece is the result of the artist’s free-thinking approach, where she closes her eyes and draws lines on paper, revealing the fantastical forms that emerge from her imagination. Inspired by a previous exhibition in Florence where the artist painted a sculpture using similar methods, this exhibition invites visitors to immerse themselves in a sensory experience in a dark room. The 16-meter canvas is designed to engage all the senses, with movement, sound, and even smell, to evoke feelings and emotions. The result is a constellation of thoughts, a galaxy of imagination that will translate into future paintings in the artist’s evolving style.

  • Authentic cadence and Annihilation NFT

    Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, FRANCE, 01.09.2022 - 04.09.2022

    The exhibition “Authentic Cadence” ran from September 1 to September 4, 2022 and was curated to showcase the intimate relationship between nature and creativity, both physical and virtual. It was held at the prestigious Carrousel du Louvre in Paris and was supported by the Focus Art Fair. The exhibition featured a breathtaking array of works, including video installations and paintings that brought to life the beauty of the Gardens of Etreta.

    Ellen Sheidlin’s latest works were on display, featuring a combination of video and painting that explored the theme of “Phygital”. The videos delved into the concept of what was, while the paintings depicted what became. Through this juxtaposition, viewers were invited to ponder the relationship between physical and digital spaces in our modern world.

  • Women & NFTs

    International NFT Exhibition during the Venice Art Biennale, Venice, 01.05.2022

    ”.NFT has become a logical extension of my virtual existence, where I immerse myself in creating videos that are like animated paintings, with subjects that are often hidden. Through NFT, I have found a new medium to express myself, one that is ever- evolving and pushing the boundaries of art. My work explores the deep themes of identity and self-discovery, as I use my art to question the constructs of our society and the way we perceive ourselves. In a world where attention spans are short and time is limited, I use art to create a space for contemplation, reflection, and a deeper exploration of the human experience.”


    Viale Spartaco Lavagnini 70 – 72, Florence, Italy, 24.09.2021 - 20.10.2021

    The exhibition aimed to showcase the imaginative world of Ellen and how her inner thoughts and emotions were woven into her art. The giant head sculpture symbolized the artist’s mind and the threads represented the flow of her creative thoughts and ideas. The keyhole was a metaphor for the entrance to her subconscious, where the visitors could experience the depth of her imaginative world. From the side of the face, one could see what was happening inside the head — a whirlwind of images, symbols, strange monsters and beautiful imaginary creatures. The threads were a connecting link between the inner world of the artist and the outer space surrounding her, structured the chaos of fantasy and turned it into picturesque scenes presented around the entire perimeter of the exhibition space.

  • Spinning in Mirrors

    Palermo, Palazzo Imperatore, Via Vittorio Emanuele, 484, 28 May - 1 July 2021

    An exhibition prepared in collaboration with the Italian artist Edoardo Dionea Ciccioni. The theme of the project, created during the period of quarantine, was reflection — in mirrors, in her own work, in each other and in the changing world around us. Ellen presented reinterpreted documentation of her performances: digitally reworked, metal-plate-printed photo-images with the artist as the main character. In addition, Ellen and Edoardo showed works created jointly, clearly reflecting on the theme of reflections of creative approaches of two simultaneously different and similar authors.

  • First physical NFT exhibition

    Union Square, NYC. 56 East 11th Street (between Broadway & University) New York, NY 10003, 25.03.2021

  • 「Transformation」

    Japan, 〒104-0061 Tokyo, Chuo City, Ginza, 8 Chome−10−7 地下2階 東成ビル, 30.09.2020 - 13.09.2020

    The artist’s solo exhibition at the Vanilla Gallery in Tokyo was dedicated to the theme of transitions and transformations. Transformation is often a painful process, but it is thanks to it that every living being, including humans, is able to move to the next level. When experiencing one or another transition, a person may discover connections that he or she did not notice before: between language and the world, fear and freedom, movement and rest, physical reality and the digital environment. The latter — the phenomenon of connection between real and virtual worlds — is a cross-cutting theme of Ellen’s art, and the method of the artist’s work, which she refers to as survirtualism, is devoted to its analysis. Following the search for connections and transformations, Ellen presented both paintings and her digital works at the exhibition.

  • Universe SHEIDLIN

    Artmuza Creative Cluster, 13th line of Vasilyevsky Island, 70, St. Petersburg, 01.07.2017 - 10.07.2017

    For 10 days, the space of the ARTMUZA cluster was transformed into the artist’s workshop. Ellen presented the “kitchen” of her creative process, showing individual objects and decorations that were used to create her Instagram images. Over 10,000 people visited the exhibition, each of whom had a chance to immerse themselves in the world created by the artist and become a part of it for a while. The exhibition was dedicated to the idea that everyone is an artist in his or her own way, you just need to discern your creativity and believe in it, as Ellen once did.