I am nature, and you are art.


I am nature, and you are art.

I am nature, and you are art. The idea of ​​the work is inspired by the 2004 film “the day after tomorrow”, there during a climate catastrophe there was a sharp cold snap and a group of people took refuge in the New York National Library in order to save lives, where, in order to save lives, they were forced to burn priceless history books to keep the fire going and keep warm. … I remember how conflicting feelings overwhelmed me, how I tried to explain to myself their motivation and to justify and recognize whether private human life is really more important than the eternal and brilliant heritage of museums and libraries. I would like to again force people through a visual image, perhaps collectively to come to something. And partly “something” is that we are homeless without museums. Feel this loneliness with me, feel the rivalry between the beauty of nature and art.